Ending is another beginning.

Here’s the recap of this semester. In this semester,  I have written many posts on WordPress and submitted several essays. I did well in some essays but I also did a bad job in some assignments. But I can really feel that my writing is improving steadily. I have been worked very hard on my grammars and the consistency of my writings. I feel like I’m more organized when I write my essays and I have a lot of details to fill the content. What’s more, I used to be very impatient when I write something because I don’t know how to start. But after a semester training, I become more patient and calm. Besides, my thoughts are very clear and methodical.

To me, I think that the most challenging area is still the grammar. Although I do better than before, I will make the grammar mistakes sometimes. I know that it is going to take me a while to write as good as the American students. But I’m sure that I will be able to get through it.

My favorite writing project definitely is the blog posts every week. I understand why our professor requires us to write something every week. That’s because she is trying to help us to form the good habit. I think that is a good idea and I enjoy it.

As for me, I have to say that the annotated bibliography is the one that  I struggle a lot. I think that’s probably because I get a low score on this one.  And I think that’s also because I don’t really know how to do it very well. In the future, if I have another chance to do it again, I will try harder and also use the knowledge that I learn in this class.

In a word, the ending of this class is the beginning of another journey. I’m looking forward to see what is in front of the road. Thanks!


Writing in the future

I think this is a very good question “What role will writing take in the future? ” because I have never thing about it before. To me, English is always my favorite class since elementary school. I have a passion of learning English and that’s why I come to United States to further my studies. But I have never considered being a professional writer in the future. That’s not because I’m not native English speaker or my writing sucks. That’s because I think that it is pretty boring to write a long essay and cite hundreds of sources. I mean, I do respect professional writers but I just don’t think this job is suitable for me. So in the future, I think I will just write occasionally. I would like to write down something that is meaningful to me such as how I feel when I get my first job or car. I always like to write down something in my small notebook but it is not like a diary. And I think that Facebook text will also be a very good way to write something because it needs to short and precise. In China, we have an app called Weibo which is pretty much like Facebook. I could also write on that as well. As I’m interested in learning English, I may do something writing which is relating to my work in the future. For example, I may write an article for company so that people who do not know Chinese could also know about my company.

A letter to Kristof

Dear Kristof,

I have to say that this is a very educational story. Your article tells a very unusual story and it teaches me something new. Before I read your article, I have no idea what fistula is and why people suffer from this disease. And just like you say, it is miserable to  bear this disease and as a result many women died. What’s more, you mention that this disease happens a lot in Asia and Africa. However, you do not provide any data to state how bad the situations are. For example, how many people suffer from this disease every year? or more specifically, In which countries people suffer from this illness and die because of it the most  ever year ?

After I read your essay, I know that this is a kind of childbirth injury to women. And in Mahabouba’s case, I think that she suffered from this illness because of the inappropriate way giving birth her child. I mean if she gave birth her children in the hospital or with professional care, will she still get this illness? I’m  also wondering are there any protection measures to prevent this injury? Moreover, Mahabouba was age 13 and raped by someone. So obviously she was not sexual maturity to deliver a baby plus sexual abused by a jerk. Are there any correlations between these factors and fistula?

The late question in mind is that you say we should support Dr.Arrowsmith and Dr. Wall yet you do not mention any methods. So are there any organizations or methods that we could support what they are doing?

In short, this is a very good article that provides me new knowledge. Thank you!


Christmas War

Christmas is also my favorite festival because we could have a break and enjoy ourselves at this period of time. Although I’m not American citizens, I also do not know much about politics. So when the article ” The misguided war on Christmas” mentions that there is a heated discussion about whether the Christian displays should appear in government-owned spaces or not. I feel that it is kind of strange to me. I personally think that it is not a very big deal. But when I finish reading this article, I understand that it matters because it is relating to politics. So in this article, some people believe that those displays should not presence at the government-owned spaces because it violates the Constitution’s First Amendment. Yet other believes Christian displays could be used in those areas. This is actually a very interesting phenomenon because it is hard to tell which opinion is right or which opinion is wrong.

However, I do agree with the author’s opinion. Everyone knows that Christmas is celebrating the birth of Jesus. It is not necessary to put Christian symbols in government owned spaces to remind people the facts. Besides, Christianity is the belief of majority people in United States so it is not necessary to hang  Nativities in government spaces as well. Hence, I feel that this argument is totally needless. Why people can not just enjoy themselves and have a peaceful Christmas?

Plagiarism case

Before I came to U.S. I am not very clear about plagiarism, because in China our teacher did not talk about what plagiarism is and what the consequences are. After I got here, I realized that plaiarism is a very serious problem in here. It will not only get you in trouble but it will also affect your whole life.

The article that I read is about Jonah Lehrer; he was a well-know science journalist and had a rapidly rise to success. He wrote many articles and published in New York Times, The New Yorker and Wired Magazine. In 2012, it was reported that he repurposed his earlier works and sold them again. He was trying to escape from the self-plagiarism and citation issues, while it still discovered that he was reuse many parts of his work, such as interviews, quotes especially quoting Bob Dylan. As a result, he quited his job from The New Yorker and the other magazine also fired him. Yet Wired Magazine still kept him because they were doing investigations on him. Finally, Slate Magazine posted the results of Wired’s investigation, Lehrer involved in self-plagiarism, plagiarism and fabrication.

In my point of view, I think that it is not only about plagiarism but also about ethics. People called this “grey area” because he did not copy from others but as a juourlist he should know that he couldn’t sell his work for twice or reuse it. We could see what the consequences are in this case, which warns us never do this kind of behavior.

Statistics can lie too.

 This is the most raging article that I have ever read. But that also makes this article more interesting. The author seems very mad at people who falsely using the statistics. Honestly, I have never thought about this problem before. Plus, I’m taking two economic classes in this semester. And we all known that there are plenty of data and statistics will be used in economic class. And before I read this article, I thought most of them are correct because I never doubt them. But right now, it seems that there are some mistakes may exist in these statistics too. Like the author said, “What We Call “average” Actually Isn’t.” I’m pretty sure that we use a lot of “average” in our economic class too. For example, the average income, average price and so on. According to the author, the proper way to represent the average point of a group of date is using the median instead of “add them up, and divide them by the number of values.” This article definitely grabs my attention and it leads me to think.

     The author talks about the other four ways that the statistics are used to lie to us. They are “99 Percent Accurate” Can Be both True and Meaningless”, “Fastest Growing” Might Not Be All That Impressive”, “Epidemic” May Actually Be Random Chance” and “Correlation Does Not Equal Causation”. I think the author gives us some very vivid examples about these errors. It is pretty funny the author mentions that “the scientists are stunned to discover that watching TV is as bad for you as smoking cigarettes…” And the report is saying that there is causation between there. But the fact is there is only correlation between them. The truth is people who watch TV for a long time and lack of exercising may have a health concerns. So we could see how these statistics have misled us for a long time. And now it is time for us to wake up and think over the data.    

She means everything to me  

She gives me life; and she also give me everything that I have now. She is my mom; she is the best mom in the world. She is a businesswoman, and I think that she is very successful. When I was 4 years old my mom went to another city to work, she were not be able to take care of me. At that time, I could only stay with her for half month every year during Chinese Spring Festival. So I lived with my aunt for nine years. I came back to my mom’s side when I was 15 years old.

I still remembered my feelings at that time, because it was a tough time for me. I cried for days every time she went back to work. She always left in midnight after I fell asleep and took the train go to the work place. I knew that she could not bear to see me crying. And she also cried each time she had to leave me. I knew that was also a hard time for her too because she also did not want to leave me. But she had no other choice at that time; she must go to work and support the family. After a few years, she started her own business. And the life became better.

This summer I went back to China and reunited with my families. I got a chance to have a deep conversation with my uncle, he told me that the reason why my mom insist on sending me to America is because I told my mom that I want go to America one day. I might not realize what I was saying because I was so young. And these words become the motivation why she works hard every day.

I am so thankful that I have the best mom in the world. Even though she is not in my side when I was a kid, she is still the most important person in my life. I’m so proud of her.